Big Jump


Monroe-Walton County Airport

Join us in fundraising for summer camp through Big Jump!

Big Jump is a day filled with brave supporters who have committed to skydive in support of our campers as well as a family-friendly festival for community members to celebrate together. This year, we're also adding in a team of Ground Crew members who stay on the ground but are still a part of our superhero fundraising team!

Anyone can attend Big Jump, and even more so, anyone can commit to be one of our brave skydivers! Jumpers spend the summer fundraising a minimum of $600 to skydive at the event and support ESP’s summer camp. Those that exceed $1,000 in personal fundraising get to “jump” on our High Fliers Club!

Whether making the big dive or feeling a little more grounded, join us for a day-long celebration at Big Jump!  

How can you become a skydiving superhero for ESP?

  1.     Fill out the registration form. The sooner the better, so that you can begin fundraising early.
  2.     Create your fundraising page! Your goal is automatically set to $625 to include a $25 registration fee. Make sure to upload a photo and share why you're jumping!
  3.     From there, you can add a photo and customize your page to your liking. Once you’re done, start  sharing your page with friends and family!

All of our jumpers will be jumping in tandem with one of Skydive Monroe’s professionals.

*Because of harness sizes, Skydive Monroe has a weight limit of 225 lbs for men and 170 lbs for women.*

Would you like to be a part of making Big Jump possible and supporting summer camp while also sharing your committment to ESP with your community?