Your Safety & Summer Camp: A Guide to ESP's COVID-19 Summer Camp Adjustments

We are all very excited to say that ESP Summer Camp is STILL ON for this summer! 

With many other summer camps closing for the summer, ESP wanted to be sure our campers were not missing out on the magic of summer camp or the relief camp provides for our families after these months of staying home. 

Summer camp at ESP is more than a camp, it is a safe place for families to drop off their kids for a while and not worry whether their child is in good hands. It is a safe place for our campers to freely express themselves without the worry of what anyone is thinking. Attending camp will, of course, remain a personal decision for each family, and we know it may not be the right choice for every camper. Camp is too great a resource however to not do everything in our power to make it available to those who need it!

Summer camp is the only extended time our parents will have a break from caring for their child with a disability. Our parents’ average day includes getting their child up and dressed, giving medications, being their teacher, therapist, and doctor. For our campers, camp develops social skills, fine motor skills, teaches independence, and increases confidence.  

Through these changing times, your health is our top priority, so we have implemented an updated plan for summer camp

We want to continue to be a safe place for our campers to THRIVE, and for this summer, that means a few adjustments and precautions to keep everyone safe in the time of COVID-19. 

Summer camp will take place… 

  • With campers spread over 6 locations
  • With 30 campers or less at each site
  • With shortened camp days
  • With staff taking campers’ temperatures at their cars at arrival
  • With everyone wearing face masks and face shields for double protection
  • With additional staff COVID-19 safety training including Recreational Cleaning and Safety certification
  • With lunches given each day to campers

These are just a few of the many changes ESP will be implementing to make sure that our families and campers receive the camp experience they need while also following safety guidelines.

Even though camp may look a little different, we are all so excited to see our families’ smiling faces once again! As always, your safety is our top priority, and we are committed to serving our families and adapting to these changing times. If you have any questions about our updated summer camp plan, reach out to Jake Sapp at