QuaranTips: Dress Like You Have a Social Life

It can be easy when you wake up for another day of working from home to simply get to work in the same clothes you slept in. Roll out of bed, grab some coffee, and start with your day.

Seems reasonable to not want to put the effort into getting ready when you have nowhere to go. 

But, putting yourself together like you would any other day for work can be important to your mental health during this time. This idea of dressing for the social life you want, not the one you have is meaningful now more than ever when social interactions are not happening as often. 

You may even find that being dressed for work even at home, makes you more productive. It can also help to regulate a schedule for you and others in your house. If people in the house are used to seeing you get dressed every morning and leave for work, seeing you get up and get ready tells them “it’s work time”. This may be able to decrease distractions during this time, or put a sense of normal into a pretty abnormal time. 

This can also be a part of Self-care during this time. Take the time to focus on you, even if it’s 5 minutes getting dressed in the morning. Many of you have multiple roles in the home right now. Caregiver, teacher, nurse, and more. This can be stressful to try and juggle but it is amazing how something such as the way we dress can impact our mood!

Activity to try

While we are inside for a lot of our day, this may be a good time to go through our closets and clean things out. An activity for you is to search through your closet and find an outfit. Not the one that is your favorite that you would wear every day if you could. Find that shirt you bought because it was on sale and you have never worn it, or maybe you got as a gift and it just isn’t your style. Take clothes like this and wear them. For the day or just for an hour, see how it looks. If you still don’t enjoy it put it in a pile to donate. Who knows, maybe you will find your new favorite outfit. Maybe you will discover a whole new wardrobe that you never gave a chance.

This activity can be done for all ages. If you have a younger kid 4-8 at home let them pick out something they want to wear, it can be anything, matching or not. Find clothes that don’t fit them any more that you have been meaning to get rid of. 

For kids around 9-13 you can also let them pick out what they want to wear. Even better let them pick out what they want you to wear! Let them go into your closet and pick out an outfit for the hour. 

For kids 14-18 let them clean out their closets a bit, have them put clothes they don’t like any more in a pile. Or find clothes that don’t fit anymore. Maybe don’t let them get rid of everything they don’t like, but let them show you their favorites. 

For adults you can also let them clean out their closet. Challenge them to wear clothes they never wear. Put on a fashion show, maybe create different occasions and have them dress for it. For example “what would you wear to a nice dinner” or “what about a job interview”. Ask them to show you what they can come up with and have a little fun while you are cleaning out closets. 

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