QuaranTips: Get Outside Everyday

While we are social distancing, this doesn’t mean that we are required to lock ourselves in the house. Getting outside can be a good break from work or school during the day. As it starts to get warmer try and get outside every day for at least 30 minutes. Take a walk around the neighborhood or eat lunch outside. Having a moment in the fresh air can improve your spirits and put you in a positive mood for the day! 

Activity to try!

For kids School aged take some paper outside and let them try to draw their surroundings. Or have them write positive messages on the ground with chalk. You can also have them play I-spy outside. Take turns picking out things you see outside to describe and have the other person guess. Such as “I-spy something tall and green” and have them try to guess a tree.

For kids out of school if you have play-dough or clay around the house and a shoe box you can try this activity. Sit outside and have them make a diagram of the back yard out of the play-dough in the shoebox. Mold little trees and put them in the box, maybe make a tiny version of the house. Have them make a mini version of their surroundings. 

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