Quarantip #16: Help Others!

The situation we are in has led many of us to place the wellbeing of ourselves and our family as an even higher priority than it normally is. This reaction was beneficial to us as we first began to adjust to our current situation. It ensured that we considered what matters most to us as we started to plan for a long-term change to our normal lives. It is necessary and natural to target your focus on your family at this time, but now is also a time to consider how other individuals and families have been impacted by this situation.

Many families struggle with everyday life even when they have no restrictions on their ability to set their schedule. These are the families that have the potential to be completely devastated by an event like the one we are in now. Some of these families have lost the ability to maintain the routine that keeps them afloat. 

Unfortunately, the main objective of quarantine is maintaining as small a social group as possible. This can make the idea of reaching out to help others seem unreasonable or even impossible. 

Consider using the following process to identify and fulfill the needs of others during this time:

  1. Make a list of people that you can reach out to.
  2. Reach out to the people on your list to assess their needs. Make it a priority to first reach out to the individuals on your list that you think have a higher chance of being in need during this time.
  3. If the person you reach out to has a need that you can fulfill:
    • Act accordingly. Tell the person you plan to help them with this particular issue, and work with them to develop an efficient and safe way to work the issue out. 
  4. If the person you reach out to presents a complex need that you can not fulfill:
    • First, empathize with their situation to make the person feel heard. Next, talk through the specific aspects of the issue at hand. Even if you can’t solve the entire problem, it is possible you may identify some cause or effect of the issue that you can help with. 
  5. Act on your plan.