Jam With the Fam: Home Edition

Music is a favorite here at ESP whether we’re dancing to music, singing to music, or making music, sounds are always echoing in the building! Music is not only uplifting, it also assists all areas of child development. It helps kids learn how their mind and body works together, the meaning of words, and how sounds are formed. It also enables children to develop their motor skills, practice self-expression, and improves memory skills. 

For me, music was a favorite at summer camp especially at meal times. I loved singing and dancing with my cabin and of course, the dance with everyone at camp. Drumming was always fun because I learned new rhythms, beats, and games to do on drums.

Although we’re not together for 360 Music Class, we’re bringing some music activities to you in your home! Get ready to jam out! 

Make a Shaker

Create your own musical instrument- a shaker! Try different materials to hear the variety of sounds your shakers make. For extra fun, decorate your shaker and make it unique!


An Empty Can or Water Bottle

Cooked Rice 





Optional: Decorating materials such as stickers, paint, and paper

  1. Make sure your can or plastic water bottle is empty, washed, and dry. 
  2. Put the cooked rice in one water bottle or can. Put the cap back on the water bottle or seal the top of the can with paper and tape.
  3. Put the beans in another water bottle or can. Put the cap back on the water bottle or seal the top of the can with paper and tape.
  4. Put the beads in an additional water bottle or can. Put the cap back on the water bottle or seal the top of the can with paper and tape.
  5. Optional: Decorate your shaker with stickers, paint, and paper! 
  6. Shake away and hear the different sounds the materials make! Now you have your own personal shaker! 

Guess the Sound

What sound does a cello make? This is a game where kids and adults can test their instrument knowledge and guess different instruments. 


Computer or cellphone 

  1. Play different instrument sounds on your computer or cellphone. You can search on YouTube for the instrument sound for free. Ask your participants to identify the instrument. 
  2. To make the game harder, play a simple song with distinct sounds of the instruments and have your players guess the main instrument. 
  3. To make the game even more challenging, play a complex song and see how many instruments your players can name.

Tissue Dance

Tissue dance works on your balance and is a time to show off your best dance moves! Try to beat your family members with this balancing game.



Device that Plays Music

Space to Dance

  1. Give each person a tissue and have them put it on their head.
  2. When the music starts, they should start dancing and not let the tissue fall off their head.
  3. If the tissue falls off their head, they can catch it before it touches the ground and they’re still in the game. 
  4. If the tissue falls to the ground, that person is out.
  5. The last one dancing with the tissue on their head is the winner! 

Strike Up the Home Band

This is an engaging activity for the whole family, no matter how old you are! 


Pots and pans


  1. Grab materials from your house like any pots, pans, milk cartons, and bowls. 
  2. Find wooden spoons, metal spoons, and other home materials to act as your drumstick.
  3. Rock out!

Name that Tune

This is a classic game where you can hum, whistle, or sing your favorite tunes! See if your family can guess your song!





  1. Tear up the sheet of paper.
  2. Write down your favorite songs. Pick songs your family will know too.
  3. Fold the pieces of paper up and place them in the bowl.
  4. Have each person pick a piece of paper randomly and either hum, whistle, or sing the tune of the song. You can do different rounds where it’s just humming, or just singing the chorus.
  5. Have your family members guess the song!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these musical activities and we can’t wait for you to show off your musical skills!