Mind over Madness–Creating Sacred Spaces

At first you might find that nothing happens there. But if you have a sacred space and use it, eventually something will happen. Your sacred space is where you find yourself again and again.

Joseph Campbell

Creating a sacred space where you can disengage from your responsibilities and focus on yourself can recenter your life perspective and recharge your energy.  Without carved out space and time, we end up bounced or pulled from one person or task to the next and we lose the “why” behind what we are doing. It is very easy to burn out when operating as a caregiver and a parent around the clock!  It really is essential for us as ESP families to discipline ourselves to break away to our own space. My sacred space is my soaking tub. After the kids are asleep, I will take a bath and read and enjoy the time to hear myself think. By incredible providence, we have an extra bathroom in our current house so the kids aren’t even allowed to go in there. It stays locked during the day!

Tips for creating your space

  • Make it personal:  Above all remember, that this is your space. Choose a location in your home or outside that you can isolate from others and make just yours.    Find a place that is pleasant and relaxing to you. You might find a corner in your bedroom, a spot in the bathroom, an area in your office, or a seat in your garden.  Construct it based on your own interests and how you plan to use the space. Some ideas include yoga, vigorous exercise, reading, meditation, prayer, playing music, and listening to podcasts.   
  • Simplify:  Remove clutter and start with a fresh slate so that you won’t be distracted. 
  • Scents:  Add pleasing scents like candles, essential oils, fresh flowers, or herbs. 
  • Sounds:  Set your mood with a playlist.
  • Add Life:  Keep green plants,  a fish, or position yourself near a window see the natural world outside.

Tips for using your space

  • Set aside time for it!  After you make your space, be sure you make the time to utilize it.  Wake up early or stay up a little later so that you can have quiet. Even if you are only able to squeeze in 5 minutes, you will feel a difference in your day!  
  • Create boundaries with your family so that they know that your space is your space and that they are to leave you alone when you are in it (easier said than done!)  
  • If it isn’t working for you, change it up.

Help kids make their space

Teaching your kids the practice of using sacred space on the regular will serve your kids throughout their lives! The same basic ideas above apply to their space as yours.  Make sure it’s a space that accommodates their personalities and interests. My 8 year old daughter has picked out a rock in the forest behind our house and has designated it as her praying rock. She will go out there when she’s feeling overwhelmed or when she wants to be alone and read.  The 6 year old makes her sacred space wherever she can draw and create art! We also have a little nook set up underneath a bunk bed with cushions, books, a radio, and a flip book about how to handle big feelings. I’ve watched this space work in action! They are actually developing greater emotional awareness and healthy habits. All of my kids know that they can go there to process their experiences and feelings.  Honestly, it’s been a life saver for them in some scary moments, and it also reminds me that I need to take breaks to handle my own emotions!  Win win.

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