ESP Groovy Summer: Sixth Week Recap

Swimming and rowing and boating, oh my! The weeks of ESP Groovy Summer may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost any momentum. We’re making the most out of the remainder of the summer by filling it with EVEN MORE amazing activities and events. Here are some of the new things our campers got to experience during the sixth week of camp!  

Flag Fun

HEY BURRITO! Flag is such a fun way to start our mornings, and we love to fill it with excitement and entertainment every time! 

This week, the yellow team had an “Avatar” style flag where campers battled unit leader Ben, also known as the “Fire Lord,” to get their stolen brags back! Harris saved the day by finally defeating Ben using a water gun! 

There was no shortage of shaving cream at the green site! Site leaders chose one camper or counselor at a time, and had them sit down at a table outside. They placed cups in front of them, and had them pick which cup held an item after they were scrambled. If they chose the wrong cup, the player got a shaving cream surprise!

Pool noodles were plentiful at the purple site as everyone waved them around during welcome wagon, and sang and danced with them during flag. It turns out pool noodles DO make good limbo sticks! 

Adventure Days 

Our campers are always so excited for weekly water activities, so last week we decided to treat them to a special surprise! Each site went to a fun location for an “Adventure Day” where participants got to celebrate the sunshine with tons of fun on the lake! 

Campers spent their days rowing, swimming, paddle boating, fishing, and paddle boarding. It was amazing to see everyone enjoy the great outdoors!    

The purple site took a journey to the beautiful Camp Twin Lakes for their “Adventure Day!” Vince and his buddy rode a boat around the lake by channeling their energy into paddling as hard as they could. That’s what we call teamwork! 

The purple site enjoyed every minute of the cool blue pool too! Campers enjoyed splashing in the water and learning how to float on their backs. Locklyn couldn’t stop laughing everytime site leader McKenzie lifted her into the air! 

Rod was a natural on the paddle board, and was so proud to demonstrate his incredible balance as he passed by others on the lake. Now THOSE are some serious sea legs! He even laid down on it to take a snooze in the sun at one point!

The red team had a blast at Sandy Creek park! Temo knew just what to do when he saw all of the sand surrounding the lake. He immediately asked site leader MeiMei to bury him under it, and looked every bit like a vacationer in the sunshine. 

Camden decided piling all that sand on was too much work, so he enjoyed sitting on the shore and soaking his feet in the water with his buddy instead.

Box Day

This week, all of our sites also had their own unique Box Day! Box Day is a day-long extravaganza where all of the activities are based on a theme that is revealed when campers open a giant box! 

The orange team put on their bowler hats and headed to the horses for their “Derby Day!” Campers enjoyed tasty mocktails and loved creating their own accessories worthy of the Kentucky Derby! Everyone also got to participate in a relay race as pretend horses! 

The green site split their campers into the blue and red teams for their Box Day! Each team decorated their own team banner to show off their spirit, and the campers loved adding their own touch to the artwork (even if they got more paint on themselves)! 

Next, the groups started practicing their team chants, and the campers loved reciting them all day long. These green machines also had an epic marshmallow war after making marshmallow guns out of PVC pipes. Is it cheating if we try to catch them in our mouths?

The purple, red, and yellow teams had “Messtivals” which were filled with loads of sticky (and surprisingly tasty) fun! Campers got their buddies dirty by popping balloons filled with ketchup, mustard, chocolate syrup, and other messy materials. The buddies had no idea what was in the balloons! 

At the red site, Drew snuck up behind his buddy and popped a water balloon over his head! Drew and the rest of his friends also had an epic shaving cream battle that will certainly make the history books! Campers even threw cheeseballs at counselors afterwards to make them stick! Clean up on aisle… everywhere? 

The blue crew’s Fortnite themed Box Day was a gamer’s fantasy come true! Fortnite is the favorite game of many of our campers, and everyone was so pumped about the cool forts and pretend battles that took place all day long! 

Yummy Creations 

The orange site made some delicious smoothies on Wednesday! They used a mix of frozen fruits, juice, and yogurt to make the healthy, tropical treat. Emilio was VERY satisfied with his mango and orange juice concoction!  

On Tasty Thursday, the blue crew worked on their letter identification skills by making scrumptious “Alphabet Pizza!” Campers were so excited to make their own mini pizza, and used toppings to decorate them with the first letter of their name. 

The green site made trail mix by combining a variety of sweet treats! Campers poured gummy bears, M&Ms, and other candies into a container and mixed it all together to form a yummy snack that the campers devoured!

Physical Games and Activities 

The orange team spent an un-fore-gettable day golfing out on the ESP green! Dakota and his buddy loved navigating the fun obstacles and cheering for each other when they completed each hole! 

The yellow and green site campers got to play real-life Mario Kart in teams! The two competing campers raced their opponents and tried to gather as many coins as they could while avoiding “hazardous” bananas! Zachary, one of the yellow sites’ new campers, did a fantastic job as Mario in his race against Tyler! 

The yellow site also played an exciting game of soccer. Magen covered the entire field with the help of her buddy, Ryan, and Collin dominated the competition with his awesome goalie skills!

The purple team played a fun game of beach ball bowling where the campers got to knock down cans with their own mini beach ball. Campers got in the competitive spirit by competing in teams with all of their friends, and we loved seeing them master their gross motor skills!

Arts and Crafts 

The red site got to decorate wooden frames on Monday using glitter, feathers, paint, and other cool materials! Steven loved showing off his beautiful blue frame, and can’t wait to pick out a fun photo from this summer to display in it! 

The orange campers became royals as they decorated their own crowns and other accessories in honor of Alexa Gilomen’s Crown for Kids special visit to ESP! Hannah definitely felt AND looked like a queen that day!


The yellow team got a lesson in gravity when they had to construct egg holders to protect their eggs from a big drop! The word “woah” could be heard as everyone watched the eggs fall from a deck, and checked to see if the egg cracked! Zoey used a balloon, cone, and lots of tape to protect her egg, and was able to make it survive the drop! Go Zoey! 

The blue site campers mixed warm water, oil, and food coloring to create fireworks in a glass! Everyone was amazed as the ingredients magically mixed together to look like fireworks. The campers were so excited to bring their colorful glass jars home to enjoy some more.  


Music Mondays are always something to look forward to at the blue site! This week, participants turned into songwriters as they got to write their own camp tunes! Campers were split into groups, chose an ESP topic, and created lyrics and music based on it. Participants were overjoyed to perform their songs for the rest of the groups, and we loved seeing their self-esteem grow when everyone clapped! 

Thank you all for another amazing week! We can’t wait to keep the ESP Groovy Summer going strong all summer long! 

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