Mind Over Madness: Tip #25 - Find the Lesson

This experience has been a roller coaster for everyone who has been involved.  We go from thinking everything is getting better and things will start to get back to normal to the shelter in place being extended for a month. We have all been on the edge of our seats. This season has required a lot of change and a lot of growth in order for us to maintain some semblance of normalcy. So, what did you learn from this season? Find the lesson in the struggles that you have faced.

 I have learned that I don’t talk to my extended family nearly enough on a regular basis. I now try to make a point to be more intentional about calling them or even video chatting with them. Think about how you have gotten to connect with your extended family recently. Have you spent more time with them even if it was virtually?

I have also learned that I had developed the tendency to move through my day and go through the motions on autopilot. I realized that this made me less aware and less compassionate to the needs of those around me because I had become so laser focused on what needed to be done before my day could end. Reflect on the needs you have noticed around you and around the world. Have you noticed yourself taking more time to do something about helping provide? I know that the response to the need for masks has been overwhelmingly exceeded by those who now have time to make some at home and donate them to local organizations; and that is just one example.

I have started to spend more time outside too. Even if it is just me sitting outside on the patio while I work. I spend more time enjoying the beauty of a sun filled day with a soft breeze blowing. How has your daily work scenery changed? How have you found beauty and peace in your everyday life since all this started?

One of the biggest lessons I have learned during all of this is the importance of rest. Before the pandemic, I prided myself on being a busy person who consistently found something productive to do. What I didn’t realize was how detrimental this was to my mental and physical health. I didn’t realize how exhausted I was until I was forced to stop and take a breath. In what ways have you learned to rest during this season? How has your well-being been affected? 

I challenge you to think about all the ways your life has changed during this crazy, uncertain and sometimes scary time. Think about and reflect on the ways that your life has changed for the better and the things you have learned over the past month and a half. Focus on the lesson in this situation and use what you learn to spur you onward and serve as helpful reminders of the important things in the future.