Quarentip #9: Have grace for you and for others.

During this time we are spending a great amount of more time at home with everyone in our house. This can lead to increased tension and annoyance with others. We aren’t having breaks away to calm down and process anything, because we are consistently with the same people. 

You may also see that little things that would in a normal situation not bother you, but after a week in the house you find that you have a shorter fuse. This happens to all of us, we are in a stressful and uncertain time, and that can come out to others as anger or annoyance. We feel out of control and it is frustrating. I think one of the most important things to do is acknowledge the feelings no matter what they are. This can be positive or negative emotions that we have throughout the day.

 While there are so many people that are missing out on large big events such as graduation and wedding, it is ok for you to be sad about your little thing. 

Many of us don’t like to complain when we know there are people that are struggling more than us out there. But keeping your frustration bottled up can lead to anger at someone undeserving. It can be important during this time to acknowledge your emotions and the emotions of others in the house. 

This is a big part of mental health during this time, to discover how you are feeling, process it, and get help from your support system to manage any and all feelings. It is also important to still share the positive, as this becomes more normal there are plenty of positive feelings that will come with it. Learning new hobbies, reaching out to people we lost touch with, and seeing the amazing things that our community is doing to support. Overall getting more in touch with ourselves and others in an honest way is important always but especially now. 

With the open and honest communication about how we are feeling, we begin to be more understanding of those around us. Those that can’t communicate as well we can see how they may have a lot of the same frustrations. By understanding our own thoughts and feelings we can better relate to those at home with us.

Try this at home!

For the activity it will hopefully help you better open the floor for communication about the day. You can make a feelings chart that everyone can fill out every day. Depending on the age of those in the house you can do this using pictures or words like this.

You can also make it anonymous like this, where you get a general feeling for the whole house but no one feels like they have to be singled out if they don’t want to share.

Or you can have it for each individual person to check in on them. 

This can be done daily at dinner just to check in, or weekly to see how everyone’s week is going. You could even just use it occasionally, feel like the house is a little tense and people are getting more agitated, then use this chart.

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