ESP Groovy Summer: Fifth Week Recap

Summer camp is halfway over, and we can’t believe how fast the fun times fly! Our campers have experienced tremendous growth, confidence-building, and friendships. Each site has had exciting adventures and entertaining activities for campers to engage in. Here are some highlights from the fifth week of camp!

Flag Fun

The blue site is a spirited site, as they give out the special Hype Award to campers each day! Whoever possesses the most spirit, receives the Hype Award at flag where everyone cheers for them. Kristen wore the Hype Award all day, she was so excited to receive it for singing songs at flag. Way to go, Kristen!

The yellow site got messy at their flag! Summer staff picked a balloon filled with mysterious ingredients, and campers chanted for the balloon to be popped. Kelly, an AmeriCorps Family Engagement Leader, held the giant balloon and popped it over their head. Summer staff got covered in chocolate syrup, ketchup, mustard, and paint!

The purple site had special skits during flag involving umbrellas, rain and music. Nothing can rain on the purple site’s parade!

Water Activities

Summer camp wouldn’t be summer camp without water activities! The green site and yellow site had a blast kayaking on the lake, and campers tried not to rock the boat too much! Garrett enjoyed relaxing on the water in his hades while his counselors rowed the boat.

The green and yellow site also went out to the lake to catch some fish. Jessie at the yellow site caught a fish, and even kissed it before she released it! Is it true only frogs that turn into princes? Do fish count?

Time for the goggles and swim shoes, the yellow site dipped their toes into the pool and relaxed on floaties. KG hung out with Chloe in the pool, and Caleb and Colin showed off their best pool tricks and were flipped in the air!


Last week, the purple site had tons of fun making volcanic eruptions using Coca-Cola and baking soda! The participants got to decorate their own paper funnels with markers, and then used the funnels to pour the baking soda down into the bottle. Each camper quickly stood back and got so excited to watch as the chemical reaction caused the soda to spurt out of the bottle! 

Madi enjoyed making blue slime (of course it’s blue!) with Marlee at the blue site. Campers showed their blue pride by playing with the blue slime and mixing together glue and blue food coloring. The sensory of slime was relaxing to our campers and a fun activity to take home!

Aniston made sand clay at the purple site and campers got to mold their clay into different shapes and objects. Most were goofy and chose a sphere!

The green site learned about the ear and sound waves as they used plastic tubes to talk to other campers! Conversations could be heard from far away and Logan was amazed at hearing his buddy’s name across the field.

Yummy Creations

Max turned his crepe into a chocolate pie! The red site made crepes with chocolate spread, strawberries, and bananas. It was so delicious, most campers ate two!

On Thursday, the green site made butterflies out of celery, peanut butter, edible eyes, and pretzels. They were too cute to eat!

Physical Activities

The red and green site played kickball this past week, and Bayon had a ball kicking the ball as far as he could! Kirkland even got a homerun!

The yellow site had a mattress sliding competition where campers laid on mattresses and saw who could slide the farthest. Mariah got a little help from her buddy, and couldn’t stop beaming as she beat all her competitors!

Wacky Olympics is a favorite at camp, and this summer is no different! Christian got covered in shaving cream as his fellow campers aimed cheese puffs at his head to see how many could land on his head!

Arts and Crafts

The red site continued their tradition of chalk art, while the green site took to nature and made hanging wall art decorations out of sticks and different colored strings at Hooray! Campers made decisions by picking out their stick, string, and deciding how long they wanted the strings to be. Campers got to take their beautiful creations home.

Julie dipped some vegetables in blue paint to add her masterpiece to a colorful banner at blue. She enjoyed using different textures of the vegetables like broccoli, celery, and tomatoes to make a beautiful collage of colors and textures.

Adam at the yellow site made some chic glasses with pipe cleaners while Garrett chose a rocking headband. They sported their pipe cleaner accessories all day long, and felt like fashionistas with their creative accessories.

Indoor Activities

The purple site has started a video challenge where they create daily dance videos with the entire site! Clarissa loved showing off her dabbing skills and Rey has shown his killer dance moves. We can’t wait to see the videos!

The green site enjoyed playing board games with fellow campers and buddies, and creating towers with building blocks. Justin and Reece was in a fierce competition of Connect Four, and it ended in a tie!

Nathan was crowned the Defender at his Fornite kingdom at the blue site. Campers had to protect their fort from water guns, pool noodles, and attackers! They had the best time putting on their protective gear, breaking up into teams, and tearing down cardboard forts.

This week was amazing and we know week six will bring more adventures! In particular, adventure days! Stay tuned to learn all about adventure days!