ESP Groovy Summer: Fourth Week Recap

Last Friday, we wrapped up another week of ESP Groovy Summer! Our campers are transforming right in front of our eyes, and we couldn’t be happier to see them grow from new experiences every day! This past week, there were tons of fun adventures and activities happening at each site! Here are some highlights of our fourth week of summer camp! 

Flag Fun  

Flag is ALWAYS a good time! It’s usually filled with singing, dancing, and tons of cheering, but this week it was also filled with lots of shenanigans. At the blue site, some summer staff members were summoned to sit in the middle of the circle and campers snuck up behind them to pour buckets of water over their heads! Tori couldn’t be mad at Talacia.  Besides, all she did was help her cool down! 

At the green site, the staff set up a table and chairs outside so counselors and campers could engage in an arm wrestling showdown! The whole crew cheered on whoever they wanted to win and let out a roar of excitement when someone finally claimed victory! The purple team staff got a sweet and sticky surprise when campers poured bottles of Hershey’s chocolate syrup over their heads.

At the yellow site, staff members passed out shaving cream cans and everyone went WILD running around the circle and spraying each other with foam! 

Bounce House Days 

A week of ESP Groovy Summer wouldn’t be complete without Bounce House days! Our campers got to enjoy incredible inflatables and other fun water activities all day long! At the yellow site, Mariah couldn’t stop smiling while going down a giant water slide with her buddy, Presleigh! 

Drew from the red team was in a fit of giggles as his buddy and him jumped in a blow-up bounce castle! The wonderful providers of these bouncy houses, Rucker Family Amusement, also surprised the red team by bringing a TRAIN ride with them! Our campers LOVE trains, and their fantasies came to life as they got to ride around in one without ever leaving ESP! Aysha loved watching the other campers slip and slide as she relaxed on the train next to her buddy! 

The blue site also got a very special visit on their Bounce House Day, the Oconee County Fire Department! Everyone was so excited to take their turn sitting in the firetruck’s driver’s seat. Our participants ate popsicles while talking to the firemen, and it was amazing to see them overjoyed to meet heroes. Everyone also got to enjoy a fun pizza party filled with music and dancing since it was Charles’s birthday! It’s safe to say that this day was one to remember! 


This week, the blue site had tons of fun making volcanic eruptions using Coca-Cola and baking soda! The participants got to decorate their own paper funnels with markers, and then used the funnels to pour the baking soda down into the bottle. Each camper quickly stood back and got so excited to watch as the chemical reaction caused the soda to spurt out of the bottle! 

At the yellow site, participants practiced the scientific method by creating density bottles! The Walker twins dyed their water one of their favorite colors: green! 

The red team had a science rave on Wednesday! The campers were given empty water bottles and used funnels to fill them with tonic water. They removed the ink from highlighters and put it into the water to give it a neon glow! Next, the participants spread the bottles all over the room, turned on black lights, and then it was finally time to get their groove on! Participants loved waving their glow sticks around and dancing to the upbeat music! 

Yummy Creations

This week, the red site made scrumptious parfaits out of waffle cones and vanilla yogurt! For toppings, campers got to choose from sweet chocolate candies and fruits. Max was so excited to pile strawberries, bananas, chocolate chips and syrup onto his parfait! He couldn’t resist eating two whole parfaits because they were just SO delicious!

On Friday, the orange site practiced their cooking skills by making pizza! The participants were excited to make one of their favorite foods all by themselves! Troy loved showing off his delicious pizza and ate it all in one bite!

The yellow team made cups of “dirt” with pudding, oreos, and gummy worms. The crew was split into several groups and an auction was held, where the groups got into a VERY serious bidding war over some colorful gummies! Rod was the bargainer for his team and won the bid at a whopping $75! He thinks the price was well worth the tasty result! 

Physical Activities 

The campers at the yellow and orange sites got to play wiffle ball this week! At the yellow site, Bren was the star of the game! He hit the ball straight out of left field and raced around the bases to deliver a home run before anyone could catch up to him!

After the game, all of the campers got a surprise ice cream party! Burgundy’s Ice Cream Bus came and all of the participants got to choose their own treat. Courtnee got a SpongeBob ice cream bar and it was a huge hit. The crew even made a competition to see who could eat their treat the quickest because they were melting in the sunshine.

The orange site had a scavenger hunt where they searched all over the ESP building to find specific items! Emilio had so much fun searching and did an awesome job finding everything on the list with the help of his buddy, Jenna! 

The green site over at Camp Hooray had the first color war of the summer! Everyone got to run around outside and splash each other with a rainbow of colorful pigment! By the end of the day, the green site DEFINITELY wasn’t just green anymore! The green team also enjoyed doing lots of fishing, golfing, and rowing! Ainsworth loved paddling up and down the peaceful lake with his friends…that is until they decided to do some rocking! Let’s just say they were a little WET for wear after the whole event! 

Arts and Crafts 

The orange team kicked off their “Therapeutic Thursday” by making clay sculptures! The orange site artists got to express their creativity by making a model of something that represents who they are. They even got to paint their creations afterwards.

The red team took to the parking lot to create some AMAZING chalk backgrounds. With our camper’s imaginations’, the possibilities were endless! Hannah drew a beautiful rainbow to represent her dream world, and Andrea became an astronaut by drawing some planets! When they were finished, the staff went around and took pictures of the campers laying with their backgrounds. 

For the blue team’s arts and crafts activity, the campers made noise machines out of toilet paper rolls and parchment paper! The participants got to decorate their rolls with markers and then secured the parchment paper over one of the open ends with a rubber band. Now, they could blow into the open end and the silly invention let out a horn noise! Charles and the other campers all went around blowing theirs at other campers and having a laugh fest over the funny noise!

Indoor activities

The purple site worked on their gross motor skills through an intense game of noodle hockey! The purple team also got to play with giant LEGOs and build all sorts of cool structures. Our new camper, Cara, bonded with her buddy and new friends by building a tower, and Laura’s crew worked together to make an impressive pyramid! 

The yellow site had epic lightsaber battles using pool noodles! Everyone grabbed a noodle and fended off attackers as the Star Wars soundtrack played in the background. Patrick even put on a Princess Leia costume to get more into character! After Courtnee stole two noodles, she was unstoppable! When the mass battle ended, everyone stood in a circle as two fierce warriors went into the middle and dueled. Hunter was the big winner of the day and conquered all of his opponents. 

The red and green sites both did yoga this week! The red site took a spin on mainstream yoga by doing weather yoga! The green team worked on their flexibility through more traditional methods of yoga. They took their time stretching and did classic positions like “downward dog!” Fraizer was thoroughly relaxed by the end of the session!  

We had so much fun participating in these awesome activities with our campers this last week, and we can’t wait to see what the next week holds!