Big Hearts Participants: In the Spotlight

What makes ESP so terrific?  Our participants, of course!  The magic and happiness that ESP brings isn’t hard to come by, which is why our participants are shouting it from the rooftops!  Because participants are the heart of ESP, we’ll be shining the spotlight on them each week leading up to Big Hearts.  Below are some of our participants and they want to tell you why they can’t get enough of ESP!  After you read their FUN-filled bios, make sure to vote for the People’s Choice award by clicking the red button located in your favorite participants bio! Then watch them shine at Big Hearts 2015!

MeganMcCutcheonBHMegan McCutcheon



Fun fact about Megan: loves a cup of hot tea every night

 Why Megan loves ESP:  because she gets to hangout with her buddies, being with the volunteers and making new friends

 Megan’s favorite part about Big Hearts:  because she loves getting dressed up, having her hair, make up and nails done, and being escorted by UGA football players.


Lucy SimsLucySimsBH

Younger Middle


Fun Fact about Lucy: Lucy loves to listen to The Lumineers, eat apples and wear flip flops year round.

Why Lucy loves ESP: Lucy loves just being with everyone at ESP and she loves to wear her ESP T-shirts. When we drive by VFW Drive, she calls out “ESP!”  I think she knows that she is loved and celebrated there, that she belongs.

Lucy’s favorite part about Big Hearts: This is Lucy’s first experience as a participant Big Hearts.  She has attended the pageant and loved watching her friends perform.

MarcPizzaBHMarc Pizza



Fun Fact about Marc: Did you know at the ripe old age of 4, Marc won the Big Hearts Pageant for his age group with his rendition of “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes?” He was accompanied by Joseph Whitaker, and when the duo was done they were met with cheers and a standing ovation.

Why Marc loves ESP: At ESP he is encouraged to do everything any other kid can do. He’s never told he can’t do that, he’s encouraged to take risks and when he’s done he gets his drum roll please and his HIP HIP HOORAY!

Marc’s favorite part about Big Hearts: Marc’s favorite part of Big Hearts is the spotlight, and of course the APPLAUSE!

Suzanne GoossensSuzanneGoossensBH


Fun fact about Suzanne: I love to paint and I am an artist

Why Suzanne loves ESP: Loves ESP because she gets to hang out with her friends

Suzanne’s favorite part about Big Hearts:  being on stage in front of the crowd

AveryElrodBHAvery Elrod


Fun fact about Avery: Avery loves to sing and dance.  She ask that we call her Queen Elsa at home as she stays in Frozen costumes and accessories every chance she gets and sings the movie’s songs non-stop.  She is a princess at heart!

Why Avery loves ESP: She loves ESP for the people!  Avery loves people and is a social butterfly.  Her favorite part is always meeting her buddy.

Avery’s favorite part about Big Hearts: Being on stage is her favorite part of Big Hearts!

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