Big Hearts Participants: In the Spotlight Two

What makes ESP so terrific?  Our participants, of course!  The magic and happiness that ESP brings isn’t hard to come by, which is why our participants are shouting it from the rooftops!  Because participants are the heart of ESP, we’ll be shining the spotlight on them each week leading up to Big Hearts.  Below are some of our participants and they want to tell you why they can’t get enough of ESP!  After you read their FUN-filled bios, make sure to vote for the People’s Choice award by clicking the red button located in your favorite participants bio! Then watch them shine at Big Hearts 2015!

Liz Cicerchia4

Elizabeth Cicerchia

Fun fact about Liz: Liz would love to move to Athens to be a part of ESP full-time
Why Liz loves ESP: Liz loves “No Kids Allowed” and Camp Twin Lakes
 Liz’s favorite part about Big Hearts:  Liz loves performing before a live audience


                         Raider and Trooper Renz


Trooper Raider2Fun Fact about Raider and Trooper: They are identical twins and best friends.  They both love to watch movies, play video games, and tell jokes.

Why Raider and Trooper loves ESP: Trooper’s favorite part about ESP is that he met his buddy Melissa Corry.  Raider’s favorite part about ESP is swimming at camp in the summertime.

Raider and Trooper’s favorite part about Big Hearts: Trooper loves to dance at Big Hearts, while Raider likes using the microphone.

Drew Hammond   Drew Hammond2


Fun fact about Drew: Huge sports fan, especially UGA football and basketball

Why Drew loves ESP:  Because I get to swim, go to basketball games, and the counselors are my friends.

Drew’s favorite part of Big Hearts: Signing autographs after the show because I am famous.

 Charlie LawrenceCharlie Lawrence6

Younger Middle

Fun fact about Charlie:  Charlie is an unstoppable 8 year old!  He loves all types of sports, as a fan cheering on his favorite team, and also as a participate in anything he is determined to try.  He also loves telling jokes and doing anything to bring on some good laughs.

Why Charlie loves ESP: Our family gives ESP and its amazing staff and environment so much credit for Charlie’s positive attitude.  N0thing is going to hold this little guy back!

Charlie’s favorite part about Big Hearts:  The Big Hearts Pageant is just one more outstanding opportunity to support this awesome organization and give these kids the encouragement and confidence to conquer their dreams.

Hannah Baird2

Hannah Baird


Fun fact about Hannah:  She has done three tandem jumps from perfectly good airplanes.

Why Hannah loves ESP: She loves ESP because that is where she sees her friends and the male counselors are cute.

Hannah’s favorite part about Big Hearts:  Getting to see her hero, Aaron Murray!


Older Middle

Fun fact about Grace:  Voted onto homecoming court at North Oconee High School, this year 9th grade

Favorite thing about ESP:    Being with friends and making new ones.
Favorite thing about Big Hearts:  Being onstage and getting dressed up

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