Quarentip: Stay hydrated and Eat well

While working from home, the temptation to constantly snack is hard to resist. I mean the fridge is right there. I find myself constantly snacking and looking for something to eat, when in reality I’m not hungry I’m probably just bored and definitely stressed.

This constant snacking can cause more issues than just your pants fitting a little more snug. The snacks many of us choose when we are stress eating are most likely not the healthiest for us. The first step for helping this is instead of choosing the not healthy try making better choices like fruits and vegetables. This way if you are still snacking at least you are eating healthy.

This can also be incorporated into your daily routine. Set aside certain times for snacks and meals. Give yourself time in the morning to have a cup of coffee, just like you might on the way to work. Get yourself in the right mindset to start your day. Have a healthy snack at a certain time, take the 30 minutes to eat lunch without working. Sticking to a similar eating schedule can help with concentration and the new normal of working and being home. 

Try this at home!

The activity I have for you to try is good for any age! The first one is to show how much little snacking can add up over the day. There are multiple apps out there to show you how much you have eaten during the day. My favorite is called MyPlate. It’s simple, just enter what you have eaten during the day. It will surprise you how easily those “just one bit” or “just one snack” can add up. And once you see it’ll show you just how much you are eating. You can also use this to teach your kids more about what they are eating, explain what healthy food is and why. 

Another activity is to keep you hydrated is to take a water bottle and label it like shown below. You can use tape or sharpies to make the water bottle.

You can mark the times in any intervals that you want! This will keep you on track with how much you drink during the day. 

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