Will you BE MOVED?

sign words

It may be a touch on the hand from someone you love,

or driving past a worn face standing with requesting cup in hand.

It may be the hug from your child after returning,

or a story on the news of a father home from war.

It may happen with the first word of your baby

or as simple as the licks received after walking your dog.

It may be the check you write to the child in need

or the one sitting in your lap attentively as you read.

It may be the underdog who comes back to win it all

or that song that just gets you as you listen alone.

It may be the remembrance ceremony of someone you love

or a card read from a friend from afar.

Or maybe.. it’s those 63 smiling faces

standing in the lights of the Classic Center stage.

Proudly looking out into a crowd full of neighbors

being celebrated for who they are instead of who they are not.

Whatever it may be, it is a moment proved,

The heart is a muscle, it was created to be moved.

an abstract red glitter christmas backgroundLife is short, let your heart be moved. Next Saturday night, February 7th is the perfect place. Big hearts is one of the most heart-warming evenings of the year.  It’s an event to celebrate ability while raising funds to offset costs to ESP families. I’m so excited, we will be making the biggest announcement in ESP’s history as well. (You can take a hint by our theme: be moved!)

We have one big goal this year & it’s very simple→ to sell out the Classic Center Theatre. Will you join us & be moved?