With Love From Laura: You're Going Places with ESP!


We couldn’t be more excited nor more thankful. ESP is, and always has been, about one thing: helping our individuals thrive. Whether that means on the Classic Center stage, jumping out of an airplane, or the gentle guidance of one of our talented 360 staff during after-school programs. We are excited because the season of camp is upon us and we are Going ESPlaces! This year’s theme continues our idea of movement– as the theme surrounds our mission of helping our participants thrive while also the new movement of ESP in the oh-so-near future. Dr. Seuss’ inspiration for decades has inspired imagination, creativity, & positivity. We are thankful because of you- we want to thank you for your past and future imagination, creativity and positivity.

ESP is a choice. We hope that you will choose to move places with us and we together will work towards a better ESP and a better world for and with the amazing individuals of ESP. I am excited and thankful you have chosen to join us on this beautiful journey.

And so, here is my best shot at my own ESP version of the fantastical Dr. Seuss…

Today, dear friend, we are only just about to begin. ESP is a choice, providing a voice and so many reasons for so much rejoice. Camp, 360, building revamp. We have exciting things to come and so many yous to love from. Hold on tight, and don’t have fright… instead focus on light. ESPlaces, beautiful spaces with oh so beautiful faces overcoming at such amazing paces… watch as they take what life embraces. It has only begun, we can love a ton, one big family, one family of one.