ESP exists to create transformative experiences for people with disabilities and their families, changing communities for the better!

ESP Rome offers 360 programming, family support, and Hooray Summer Camps for people with disabilities and their families in Rome, Georgia. 

Where is Summer Camp? 

Where is ESP Rome? 

How Can I Experience ESP in Rome?

ESP is beginning to offer weekend recreation, adult classes and social groups, family dinners, and other occasional events for Rome families.

Java Joy serves throughout the Rome community with 20 Joyristas. Businesses and individuals can book Java Joy to serve hot and iced coffee at any event.

How Can I Support ESP Rome? 

By donating to ESP Rome below, you are helping to provide programming and the resources needed to build a community for people of all abilities and their families to thrive.

To learn more about ESP in Rome, please contact our Rome Program Coordinator, Sarah Farriba at