Volunteer Opportunities

Supporting People of All Abilities!

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There are volunteer opportunities for everyone! We have one-time opportunities or weekly and monthly commitments. If you're ready to sign up, click here, or learn more about volunteering below:

Family & Youth

Families and their children can volunteer together at ESP! 

  • Celebrate and engage with ESP participants 
  • Volunteer at weekend ESP family events 
  • Serve ESP families a weeknight meal
  • Learn more


Middle school students and up can be a “buddy” and work directly with an ESP participant 

  • Pair with a participant during afternoon programs in the Fall and Spring
  • Join us for one-time weekend and evening Club events
  • Be a week-long buddy during Summer Camp
  • Learn more


Adults, professionals, and businesses in our community can volunteer to serve at ESP! 

  • Join a Committee
  • Volunteer at weekend ESP family events 
  • Serve ESP families a weeknight meal 
  • Learn more

Current Opportunities:


Volunteers who would like to buddy up directly with a participant during 360 programs can sign up through our online platform, Give Pulse. Best for college and high-school aged volunteers.


Family Dinner: If you are interested in helping ESP prepare and serve dinner for new and current families, this is a great way to get involved! All volunteers and kids are welcome!


Giving Tree: Are you interested in helping an ESP family in need during this Holiday Season? Click the I'm interested link below to send an email and get more information about how you, your family, or your business can help! 


Jolly Jubilee: Would you like to help ESP put on an event for ESP families during the holiday season? Join us on December 12th at 2PM to serve ESP families food, cookies, hot chocolate, and more! Kids are welcome to help as well! 


Christmas Tree Market: On Dec. 3rd, 4th, and 5th, ESP and other local organizations will benefit from all tree sales at the Beechwood Shopping Center. Are you willing and able to assist customers with lifting and tying down their Christmas trees.


Big Hearts Packaging: Are you willing to help ESP package 200+ watch boxes for people all over the United States to watch our annual Big Hearts event? We need your help, click the “I’m interested button” here to receive more information. 


Big Hearts Red Carpet Hype Squad: We are looking for 50 community members to come help celebrate ESP participants and families as they walk down the red carpet on the night of Big Hearts! If you can be loud, exciting, and cheerful, signup!


Club Event Dinner: ESP has 3 Friday night club events this month! Would you, your family, or your business consider helping prepare, sponsor, or cook a dinner for 75 people? Use the I'm Interested link below to send an email and receive more information on how you can get involved. 


Family Beach Trip Donation Drive: Would you consider helping ESP put on the best family beach trip ever? We are in need of so many items, if you'd like to help, please use the I'm Interested link below to send an email and learn more about how to get involved.


Summer Camp Lunches: Our campers receive lunch every day of camp! Would you like to help weekday mornings with preparing and packing lunch? It's a short 8:15am commitment that younger volunteers are welcome to help with. 

Sign up for our monthly newsletter! You'll be the first to know about opportunities to volunteer in your area.

Each year, to keep our mission moving, ESP relies on:

yearly volunteers

volunteer hours

ESP's mission wouldn't be possible without our many dedicated and energetic volunteers! We would love the support of you, your family, or your business! Sign up for a newsletter to get involved.

  • Option 1: Family Volunteering
    The Family and Youth Newsletter will send opportunities for families and their kids to get involved at ESP! Common events include volunteering at monthly ESP Family Dinners, Celebration Days, or serving at our holiday ESP Family Events.

    Option 2: The ESP Leadership Experience
    Students will learn how to celebrate, communicate, and engage with people of all abilities. Our mission relies on building up the next generation and this opportunity fulfills that need while providing them with leadership experience and training. 

    Applications for our ESP Leadership Experience are open now! Apply below:

    Elementary Middle School High School

  • Middle school, High school, and college students can sign up to be a “buddy” to our participants with developmental disabilities through our year-round 360 programs.  Students can volunteer for Afternoon Programs in the Fall and Spring, Weekend Club Events, or Summer Camp. Afternoon programs require a 12-week commitment for the entire semester and training. Weekend club events are one-time commitments where you can sign up for as many or as few events as you would like. Summer Camp involves being a buddy all week long and also requires training. 

    Summer camp is around the corner and we are in need of week-long student volunteers! Volunteer at Summer Camp here.

  • Adults, professionals, and businesses in our community are invited to support ESP in a variety of ways! You can join an ESP Committee by emailing matt@espyouandme.org and figuring out what committee may be best suited for your interests. You can support ESP families by volunteering to serve meals at monthly evening Family Dinners, weekend Family Events, or Weekend programs. Not only that, but you can volunteer to help run booths and activities at various Special Events, or serve as day-of volunteers to make the event possible. 

    With summer camp right around the corner, our Lunches with Love Program is a great place for our community to volunteer. Every Monday-Thursday morning from 8:30-9:30 AM in June and July, we need help preparing lunches for our campers. You can volunteer for one or multiple days HERE.

Meet Our Volunteer Coordinator

Our Volunteer Coordinator, Matt, is dedicated to creating opportunities for community members to engage with our mission and creating safe and engaging support for our participants. Email him at matt@extraspecialpeople.com